A Brief Note On The Problem Of Police Essay

1103 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
Police is one of the force in the country, who protect us from dangers by controlling the traffic, monitoring the threats all the time. We feel safe and secure because they are awake for us. But when the police department doesn’t do their minimum job, then the people in the country cannot survive safely and securely. When compared to cops in other countries, India has the many number of cops in the world, but unfortunately 90 out of 100 are corrupted. In all the intersections, there are at least four traffic cops who control the traffic. Unfortunately, traffic delays are not reduced. It is a place where a 12 year old kid drives a vehicle, without fear of cops catching them giving a ticket. They are not scared even if they don’t have driving license, insurance because they can get rid of the cops by bribing. Police accepts bribes that directly impacts on the society allowing them to make mistakes and encouraging them to commit crimes and they can get off with it easily. Many of them didn’t follow the rules and regulations, jump the red signals, no speed limit in school zones, hospital zones. When a cop catches them, they bribe the officer to avoid tickets. If the cops are strict and follow according to the law, then there would be no illegal activities like giving bribes, no traffic delays and everyone would be scared to do crimes and traffic mistakes. One year ago. In 2014 when I was on my way to college, another car hit my car, there was major damage to both the cars. I…

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