A Career As A Veterinarian Essay

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A career as a veterinarian, an educated person who treats diseased or injured animals, is a job I wish to pursue because I want to help the suffering. Would you jump at the opportunity for a fast paced career? What if I told you that you could receive a degree in as little as four years? Before I had animals of my own I was fascinated about becoming a veterinarian. I have always wanted to have my own sense of purpose. I became interested in this career after my cat was hit by a car. Unfortunately, she fractured her hip after the impact from the car bumper; this eventually which was eventually the reason she passed. I was able to participate in her recovery process before she passed. It felt good to know we did all we could for her. Instead of being depressed about her death, I began thinking about helping other animals. I know I will face some challenges entering into this career. Although I have been interested in this career for sometime I am unaware of how to start. I am highly unfamiliar with the requirements and qualifications.
A veterinarian is described as a person who treats injured animals. Veterinarians typically perform surgeries, give vaccines, and improve the life expectancy of man 's best friends. Veterinarians often operate x-ray machines to properly diagnose an animal’s injuries. Some veterinarians are required to complete a state exam. There are several different categories of veterinary sciences. Taking certain classes before and after high…

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