A Guide to Formal Ethics: Developing Ethics Programs for Today's Workforce

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A Guide to Formal Ethics

Developing Ethics Programs for Today’s Workforce

Jessica L. Krauter

Western Governor’s University



This paper is an ethics program that was developed as a part of a new employee handbook. This was written under the scenario that a new ethics officer for Company X has been charged with the task of creating said program. The program is expected to include standards and procedures section, an ethics training section, a section regarding employee misconduct and a plan for evaluating and improving the ethics program after implementation. Due to the increased
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From time to time we may change our policies and you will be notified of those changes as they are made.

Due to the fact that many policies, safety and workplace requirements are legally mandated, we have presented much of this handbook in mandatory statements. Violation of company policies may be noted in your personnel file and may be the cause for corrective action or termination of employment. The fact that we do not instigate corrective action or termination in new or more situations should not be construed as a waiver of any policy. You will be notifies in writing on any official policy changes.

Of particular importance is our policy that there shall be no discrimination against an employee or applicant for employment due to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability. Please observe all Equal Employment postings at this company.

New Employee Introductory Period

The introductory period continues for ninety (90) days from the date of hire. You do not qualify for company benefits during this period. The introductory period will also apply when you resume employment with our company after a period of non-employment. Time off is not


paid during the introductory period other than absence covered by Workman’s Compensation benefits.

Employee Policies

You will be expected to dress appropriately and practice good personal hygiene. A clean, neat appearance is important. Company

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