A Look At The Middle East Essay

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Another Look at the Middle East The Middle East is not a desert and are not full of wars like what many people think, maybe because the news just focuses in the negative areas. The Middle East now has many interesting places, they will captivate you about the Middle East. Such as the tallest tower in the world and the world’s most visited shopping and entertainment destination mall, and many other interesting places, they could be your next vacation too. I believe that the Middle East is a good place to visit, whether for fun or business, because there are entertainment places for families or friends, historical places too, and business opportunities for business people. Many people may think the Middle East is just a large desert, devoid of interest, and an area for wars, but they are wrong, because the war confined to specific countries, and it 's not in all the Middle East, as well is the desert. My homeland is a beautiful place for all people. There are many entertainment places in the Middle East and in different countries. The most famous, and my favorite one, is the United Arab Emirates. It is ranked number one in the Middle East for having the most advanced travel and tourism, and the 28th in the world ( Blanke, Chiesa ). Millions of a tourists from around the world traveled to the United Arab Emirates as a vacation destination. Some of the popular, entertainment places are the Khalifah 's tower and Dubai mall, Ferrari World, the Palm Island and Atlantis…

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