A Society Is The Economical Barrier Essay

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In society everybody has to overcome challenges in their life. The biggest challenge we have to overcome as a society is the economical barrier. Particularly for the people who are born in the ghetto this barrier is huge to overcome; this world presents a lot of obstacles for the people who come from this environment because they are usually poor. In fact, everything bad that happens in our society is associated with these people just for the fact that they do not live up to certain standards. The what so called high class people would not associate themselves with these types of people because they are usually poorer than them. They brainwash their kids everyday telling them that these people are beneath them. Therefore, these kids already are growing with this mentality that “oh they are lower than us so we cannot associate ourself with them or have any kind of relationship with these people”, creating this barrier that we should put a stop to as a society. For instance, women have to realize that if they do not come together as a group no matter from what class they came from nobody is going to respect them as a whole. In Naomi Wolf’s “The Making Of A Slut” she discusses that women target themselves because of a difference in class, in which she used an example of a girl named Dinah; as a result, the author brings up that women from a higher class creates this false sense of privilege and entitlement. This comes with an attitude of superiority against the other women,…

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