Accounting: David Miller Essay

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1. David Miller is not unique in that he fits the profile of most white collar criminals. White collar criminals look like everyone else in the business world, some are well liked and they seem to be ideal employees. They work long hours and never take vacation but they are most likely working on the constant struggle to conceal their fraud. It is for these reasons that it made Mr. Miller hard to detect. His employers thought he was putting in the extra mile when he would work long hours and he was said to do outstanding work. Most of this was most likely a ploy to cover his tracks. This coupled with Mr. Miller being a very likeable person proved to make his transgressions very hard for his employers to detect.

2. Mr. Miller committed
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Miller’s entire problem. Mr. Miller thought that having money would make him more likable. Ironically everyone seemed to like Mr. Miller and it probably had little to do with his material possessions. Unfortunately for Mr. Miller those material possessions are what he believed people liked him for and in order to afford them he had to commit fraud. After committing the various fraud schemes Mr. Miller was caught and in order for him not to go to jail he promised he would he repay his employers. Mr. Miller’s desire to live extravagantly never changed and his debts to his employers grew, so inevitably he continued to commit fraud. The pressures Mr. Miller had to continue maintaining his lifestyle manifested themselves into rationalizations to commit the fraud. He probably thought that without the money he was stealing he could not succeed in life. After he was caught committing the frauds he had to repay the money he had previously stolen. He probably continued to rationalize the frauds by telling himself, he needed the money in order to keep himself out of jail. In this case and as in most other cases frauds begin with personal pressures and those pressures manifest themselves into rationalizations as to why they must commit the fraud.

4. Mr. Miller’s T-shirt that proclaimed, “He who dies with the most toys wins”, is an obvious red flag and it speaks volumes about Mr. Miller’s character. Someone that believes these kinds of statements is most likely

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