Aging Is Sexual And Reproductive Activity Essay

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While in some areas the old people still remain highly active, for example, in politics, in general, are increasingly older people are retiring with the end of the most productive period of life, leading to problems of psychological adaptation to the new conditions. The first problems arise due to the reduced influence of old people, feeling their own lack of demand and the availability of a considerable amount of free time. In addition, for a large number of people in old age are becoming more acute financial problems, although in many cases these problems lie in the society.
Due to the presence of free time, family relationships increasingly tend to be the focus of the elderly. However, due to changes in family structure in developed countries, large families are divided and elderly people increasingly do not live close to their children and other relatives. Because of this problem before society becomes more adaptability of elderly people to an independent existence
An important factor in the sociology of aging is sexual and reproductive activity. In developed countries, men continue to become fathers, even at the age of 65 years and older.
For the elderly is characterized by resistance to change, although increasingly it is not explained by the inability to adaptability and increasing tolerance. To help the elderly adaptability to new conditions developed special training programs for this category of people.
In connection with a reduction in the ability to perform most…

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