Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World Essays

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How far will a government be willing to go to create its own Utopia? In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the pursuit of the perfect world has led to the complete dehumanization of its citizens. While trying to create a more stable world, basic human traits have been taken away or deemed unnatural. The citizens are not looked at as human, but as mere objects working to keep society the way that it is intended to be. They are created in factories on an assembly line, predestined for their jobs and locations. The concept of a mother and father conceiving a child is looked at as an act of disgust in the eyes of the people. Taking away the desire to bear and nurture a child, this essential human quality, exposes how far the government will go to have its Utopia. The citizens are also infused with the idea of constantly having sexual pleasure; not as in being in a committed relationship, but as in having sexual intercourse with as many different people as possible. As another way to dehumanize the citizens even more, soma is constantly available for consumption. This little pill, when taken, diverts anybody from the issues of society. How can the people seem human if they are constantly diverted from any issues that are going on in the world? If they are not aware of the issues, they will believe that the society is perfect, when in fact it is the opposite. In revealing the ways the government has gone to create its Utopia, Huxley shows the price that everyone must pay to have the…

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