Allotransplantation : A Successful Treatment Essay

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Allotransplantation is a successful treatment that could take the place of xenotransplantation, but if xenotransplantation is successful it could eliminate the need for organ waiting lists (“Information on”). Xeotransplantation is very expensive, which could cost roughly 300,000 dollars per operation. Some hidden costs would be for breeding, housing, feeding, testing, and transporting waste and remains from both animals and humans. Campaign for Responsible Transplantation Health and Human Services violated the Public Health Service Act by not recognizing the scientific evidence showing that Xenotransplantation is hazardous and not accurate. On September 23, 1996, Health and Human Services issued guidelines on the evidence that xenotransplantation demonstrating that xenograft recipients will suffer a significant amount of harm. Xenotransplantation harms the skin barriers that prevent infection, and some animal viruses have the power to kill humans. Pigs have over 25 diseases that flow through their blood stream that humans can live with but will eventually kill them. Some of the diseases passed through the xenotransplantation are lethal than Ebola (“What’s Wrong”). The major problem they are focusing on is the rejection of animal tissues or organs by a human’s body system. Researchers are cloning a strain of pigs to lesson the human’s rejection to the organ or tissue. The second problem is safety with xenotransplantation is the possible of cross-species infection. The…

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