Essay on Analysis Of Ishiguro 's Writing Style

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The final step in analyzing Ishiguro 's writing style in the novel would be to display the nature of capitalistic economies. The main idea is that the higher-ups pre-determine the clones lives from the start, they engineer the clones to be as passive as possible for the clones to submit to their fate more easily. This approach to the clones is another unethical issue the higher-ups tend to use to keep making profit without problems . When Miss Emily said: "I can see ... that it might look as though you are simply pawns in a game. It can certainly be looked at like that. But think of it. You were lucky pawns. There was a certain climate and now it’s gone. You have to accept that sometimes that’s how things happen in this world.” (Ishiguro 266). This is where Ishiguro is continuing to build up the plot 's sadness so that readers will be distressed when Tommy and Kathy do nothing to try to change their fates. That is, in essence, what the bourgeoisies achieve with genetically engineering the clones to submit to their pre-determined fate. Furthermore, the capitalist 's only aim is to continue to make profit by keeping the clones under their control and isolating them from society. Even if it means to dehumanize them and make the clones lives shorter lives simply to extend their own. Through Ishiguro 's love story, we understand how fully human they are, in contrast to the massive dehumanization to which the clones are subjected. The author shows the reader throughout the story…

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