Analysis Of The Movie ' Nausicaa ' Essay

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Born in Tokyo on January 5, 1941, Hayao Miyazaki spent his early childhood amid the chaos of World War II. As he transitioned into adulthood, Miyazaki became an in-between artist—drawing the pictures in between the most important frames to make the images flow smoothly (Hayao Miyazaki). Eventually, Miyazaki’s skills were praised, recognized, and he moved up in the animation department. While working on other film productions, Miyazaki continued to practice his craft using his own style and soon, begun working on an epic manga called Nausicaa, which eventually became Miyazaki’s first major film (Hayao Miyazaki). Nearly two decades later, Miyazaki started his own production company within the parent company Tokuma Shoten. The production company was named Studio Ghibli, after the nickname for a kind of Italian airplane (Hayao Miyazaki). Studio Ghibli’s first feature was Castle in the Sky which opened the gates to future film productions. The films Miyazaki worked on contained some Western and European style settings, but mostly all of the films still had Japanese folklore, tradition, and symbolism blended into them. One film in particular—Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (Spirited Away)—was replete with Japanese folklore, tradition, and symbolism. To be more precise, Miyazaki used Shinto (Japan’s nature religion) to shape this fantastic story. Released in 2001, Spirited Away became one of the all-time best film productions in Japan (Reider). Due to the movie’s visual richness…

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