Brave New World By Aldous Huxley Essay

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Compared to the major roles like Bernard Marx and John the Savage, Lenina Crowne 's character plays a less important role in the plot of the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Though her part to the story as a whole is somewhat minor, she is an important character in the fact that she represents the common beliefs of the World State, and serves as a foil to our protagonist, John the Savage. At the beginning of the novel, Lenina is in a somewhat exclusive relationship with a man named Henry Foster. Though to us, this may seem normal, but in this futuristic society, this is a rather unheard act because everyone belongs to everyone and the concept of monogamy is unheard of. Because of her abnormal behavior, Fanny confronts Lenina and tells her that she ought to stop being so “antisocial” and get out more with more men. We soon learn that in this society, sex happens everywhere all the time, and involves no emotion, which Lenina agrees with, but she feels a special attraction to Henry. Even though she likes Henry, she goes out with Bernard. Bernard is a very different man in the upper castes of society. He questions the morals of society’s views on sex, and himself wants to have a meaningful relationship with Lenina. Lenina finds this idea ridiculous and is upset when he is tentative to have sex with her. Furthermore, she is bored, and even disgusted when they go on vacation to visit another culture in New Mexico. At this point, we are confused about the…

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