Brave New World By Aldous Huxley Essay

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Hunger, poverty, and war, our society is rampant with these assumed unavoidable dysfunctions of society. Aldous Huxley’s world famous novel Brave New World presents us with a world where social unrest and the ills of society are all but eliminated. Huxley imagines a future of total social and economic stability; where “Community, Identity, Stability” is the world motto (Huxley pg.1). There is no desire for revolution against the elite leaders of the World State, and there are no disagreements; everybody is content with their pre-assigned purpose in society. However, Huxley shows us through intricate uses of symbolism, allusions, and tone that achieving this seemingly ideal society of social stability and total control sacrifices what truly makes us human. Brave New World was written during the 1930’s; a time of great social strife and technological transition; in like fashion, Huxley uses symbols that are unique to the time period; but are still relevant to society today. For example, Ford is a symbol used repeatedly and refers to an inventor and businessman who was prosperous during the 1930’s due to his innovative ideas such as the assembly line and inventions like the Ford Model T. In Huxley’s world, morals such as compassion, honesty, and purity are replaced with consumerism, efficiency and production. Ford has replaced God and the people of the World State worship him. Ford is a symbol for order and efficiency. Everything in the World State is mass produced, which…

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