Bubonic Plague And The Middle Ages Essay

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The Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages About the worst disease in world history, the bubonic plague killed millions of people and wrecked countless other lives in Europe during the Middle Ages. It destroyed multiple societies and civilizations, causing people to flee from their homes and look at the world differently than they ever had before. The disease baffled doctors and citizens alike. Only now do researchers know what factors likely caused the disease. The bubonic plague had many different causes and treatment, had a major impact on Medieval society, and is very commonly confused with the Black Death. The exact start of the bubonic plague is unclear, but it likely started in Asia and traveled westward along the Silk Road (Nelson). The disease is caused by bacteria known as Yersinia Pestis. At the start, the bacteria was spread by fleas who fed off of infected animals and transmitted the bacteria to other animals (Stoppler). These fleas then infected black rats who were living on European merchant ships. These ships made their way to Europe, bringing the disease with them, and causing the bubonic plague to take hold in European cities (Nelson). Once infected, the bacteria infiltrated the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes became swollen, painful, and tender. These enlarged lymph nodes were called buboes. Symptoms then arose. The symptoms included a fever, chills, headaches, and weakness (Stoppler). Black and blue blotches then started to occur all over the infected person’s…

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