Bubonic Plague Essay

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Bubonic plague is believed to have brought the Byzantine empire to its knees in the 6th century. This is the first ever documented record of bubonic plague in human history. But the fact that bubonic plague continues to afflict human population even today is a matter of concern. Your bubonic plague research paper would revolve around the premise of it being a deadly disease, but we assure you that we won’t scare you by the facts. Bubonic plague is typically differentiated from other infections because of its roots in the bacteria, Yersinia pestis or Pastuerella pestis. The bacteria typically infects the spleen, lungs, kidneys and brain. It is spread by virtue of rats and fleas. The staff at ProfEssays.com could as Help with Bubonic Plague …show more content…
The appearance of buboes in the armpits and the groin are giveaway symptoms. This way, bubonic plague is a lot like smallpox. The lymph nodes start to swell because of the bacterial infection. The malady is not exactly infectious or transmitted from one man to another. The agents are fleas. Body temperature rises to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, as in smallpox. A smallpox research paper would be the best place to find all the details of an infection by smallpox virus. Writers at ProfEssays.com are trained to bring out the difference clearly between smallpox and bubonic plague when you place an order for a bubonic plague research paper. Likewise, we ensure that each of our products is different and unique.The spread of bubonic plague could be controlled after continued efforts by the World Health Organisation. Though efforts to achieve a world free of bubonic plague are on, yet about 2,000 cases of bubonic plague are reported every year. Most of the cases occur in the Middle East, China, southern and eastern Africa, Brazil, and many parts of Asia. Australia and New Zealand are free from the disease. Life in the Middle East had been a bit tough for the citizens because bubonic plague is known to recur after every few years till the 16th century. In a way, it acted as an effective agent to check the growth of population. There is no effective vaccination against it. A middle east research paper could be customised to suit the spread of bubonic plague in

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