Cause And Effect Of Procrastination Essay

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It is no secret that conflict exists within the mind of every individual. Whether it be stress over a project, problems concerning self confidence, or something as serious as depression, every teenager faces certain challenges due to his or her own internal conflict. By dealing with this internal conflict in a positive manner, an individual can reach a point of self actualization at which the internal conflicts become minor and overall mental health is improved. One of the biggest psychological problems that teenagers face each and every day is stress. Problems concerning stress can stem from many different causes. The most popular of these causes is procrastination. Every teacher will instruct his or her students not to wait until the last minute to start on an important paper or project, but in reality, a majority of those students will not take that advice. Trying to complete a task that should take a matter of days in only a few hours can be very difficult. This causes the brain to work harder than it should, and it can lead to more serious problems such as hypertension, or high blood pressure (IN-TEXT CITATION). Another major cause of stress is poor time management. High school counselors encourage students to involve themselves in sports, clubs, volunteer, and to gain some sort of work experience. Many students choose to participate in multiple activities at once, creating a somewhat overcrowded schedule for themselves. In order to keep up with multiple activities,…

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