Causes And Consequences Of Bullying Essay

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Give specific reasons for or causes of bullying. Provide some positive or negative solutions.
Feeling Powerless in Their Own Lives
To claim power in their lives by reaching out to individuals who appear powerless and attacking some aspect of their personality that makes them stand out.(eg: old shoes, too short, too ladylike, no friends.)
The reason doesn’t really matter. It is the an example of the pulling someone else down in order to pull oneself up.

Bullies are often jealous of or frustrated with the person they are bullying

Jealousy is another reason for bullying. Jealousy can occur because of one getting the best grade on tests or one person is the first in class to put up their hand and etc. A percentage of the things that make individuals diverse are neutral qualities, yet a few, such as being smart, funny, or inventive represents to properties that the bullies wishes they had. By seeking to undermine someone else’s skills, bullies try to create a more level playing field. Some bullies may actually share the characteristic for which they are bullying the other individual. They might be humiliated by their own knowledge and fear being known as a "geek or nerd," so they make the allegation of another person. The individuals who bully due to a gender orientation might even be attempting to make sense of their own and may even come to terms with it.

Lack of Understanding or Empathy
In some cases a person may bully because there is a part of a person 's identity…

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