Causes Of The Unresolved Problems & Recommendations Essays

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Causes of the unresolved Problems & Recommendations
There are numerous of problems in the negotiation that are causing a deadlock. Some of which are substantive issues and others are relationship issues. Before proceeding with any negotiations, it’s important to resolve these problems because once these problems are fixed it will have tremendous positive results which will in turn ease the negotiation and relationships. Below are the major problems are evidently occurring in the negotiation.
Lack of Trust between Parties/ no Efforts Taken to becoming acquainted Issue: It is apparent that relationship between Netcom and Vendors is lacking trust because hand Netcom is not convinced Vendors would have long-term commitment to supporting software in Brazil and leave any future development. Likewise, Vendors is accusing Netcom of having an agenda of creating their own software. Trust is necessary to begin and sustain cooperation as well as it is important to make the opening moves in collaborative negotiation in a way that stimulates trust. It is normal that that these two teams have trust for one another because it’s their first time negotiation together. (Lewicki, Barry, & Saunders, 2015)

Recommendations: Build trust through opening conversations before the formal negotiation begins. Becoming acquainted with the parties’ involved opens doors to finding similarities which tends to form immediate trust. Another way engenders trust, is by providing small information “trades, and…

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