Company Expansion in South America Essay

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TO: Travel Express Management Team
FROM: Andrea Victoria
DATE: November, 5, 2014
SUBJECT: Company Expansion


Travel Express has reached a growing point this year that was not expected after our county faced such economic difficulties these past few years. Travel Express was established in 2004 in Palm Beach, Florida, offering costumers cheap airfare tickets, along with, hotel, car rental, and discounts on tourist attractions. Now with twenty-four seven telephone assistant to our customers, they can book their vacation at any time. We have been named one of the most competitive price companies within the travel agencies. After seeing our companies wrong, we believe that we
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Colombia currently has the third largest GPD in South America, with a free market economy. Colombia by so has a 3.7% of inflation rate, making it one of the lowest in South America; compare to Venezuela its neighbor country holding an inflation rate of 25.8%. In South America, Colombia has one of the fastest growing economies: “Colombia’s economy has been growing steadily and faster than the Latin American average, and the nation is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading emerging economies” (“About Colombia,” 2014). In addition, Colombia is friendly towards foreign investments: “According to the World Bank’s Doing Business Report, Colombia is the third most “Business Friendly” country in Latin America and the top reformer in the region” (“About Colombia,” 2014).

The following chart shows Colombia’s GDP growth compared to the rest of the world:

About Colombia. (2014). Embassy of Colombia, Washington D.C. Retrieved from: The following chart compares Colombia’s annual inflation rate to the remaining countries in South America:

About Colombia. (2014). Embassy of Colombia, Washington D.C. Retrieved from: Even though Colombia has been classified as a dangerous country due to its guerrilla and drug cartel involvement, in the last past years it has taken big steps in transforming and restoring its safety regulation not only to visitors but to its citizens as well. “The

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