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Comparing Oedipus and Othello For Oedipus and Othello “duty” should have their first priority. Othello’s duty was supposed to be the importance of his marriage, but he listened to Iago, ignored Desdemona, didn’t believe his own conscience, and his own heart. Oedipus’ duty was to defeat the Sphinx(which he does) free Thebes from heavy taxes(which he does) be a great king of Thebes and be a good husband, but instead he offends Creon, his brother-in-law and uncle; insults his friend, Tiresias the blind prophet; kills his father; and destroys Jocasta, his mother and his queen. Fatal flaws demolished the lives of both Oedipus and Othello. Othello was so proud of his honor and bravery that he didn’t recognize his violent temper and Iago’s …show more content…
Tiresias tells the truth to Oedipus. He learns the truth about himself, about who his real mother is and who gave birth to him, and in addition, him killing his father. Tiresias pretty much told everything that is or what is going to happen to Oedipus moving forward. With the thought of shame and humiliation his wife, Jocasta kills herself. Oedipus’ wrong doings were a serious reason why she kills herself. So because of the death of Jocasta, Oedipus blinds himself to impose self-punishment on what he did. Othello on the other hand wrongly accuses his wife Desdemona of cheating with Cassio and because of this he ultimately strangles her to death. When he later realizes that his indictment was wrong, he was overcome with guilt, and stabbed himself to death. Even though one kills himself (Othello) and the other brutally hurts himself (Oedipus), the two did have similarities in which reflect what happens to their wives; death. Oedipus & Othello were well accepted by the people in their cities. Oedipus was well regarded by the society of Thebes because he saved them from the Sphinx. People loved him for that. When Thebes was hit with the plague everybody came to Oedipus because they believed that he would be able to save them. Oedipus was also respected by the community because he was openly concerned for the people of Thebes. People knew if things were in bad shape Oedipus would straighten out everything. Othello was also well respected. His honor and

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