Compensation Plan For Employees And Employees Essay

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Compensation Plan
Motivating employees can be difficult sometimes. Some employees only see their job as a paycheck and expect more money to be more productive. This is not the answer, there are many different ways to motivate employees without increasing wages. This paper will look at the main reasons employees are motivated to perform in the workplace, the role of compensation in the workplace, and create a compensation plan for Ellard Williams to adopt.
Employee 's Motivational Reasons
There are several different things that motivate an employee to perform well in their workplace. They range from money to personal achievement. Looking at Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs to explain employee needs, managers can get a better understanding of what motivates an employee.
Physical Needs
Maslow 's physical needs include shelter and food that can be attained by money or salary for an employee. Without money employees cannot pay for food and rent to meet these basic needs. As a result, money can be the primary motivational factor for many employees.
Safety Needs
Security, structure, and stability all make up Maslow’s second hierarchy of needs, safety. Once an employee attains a decent salary, they begin to think in terms of job security and stability in their lives. While at-will employment does not guarantee job security for an employee, receiving a steady paycheck and falling into a normal routine around their work schedule helps attain this need and motivates employees to…

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