Correlation Of Understaffing And Patient Safety Essay

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Correlation of Understaffing and Patient Safety
Based on the research proposal discussed in the previous section, highlighting the issue amongst competition and other firms in the same industry can exploit the serious nature of the problem. With the Nursing staff at a minimum, patient care is depleting at a rapid pace. The nurse to patient ratio should be at a sufficient level to where the patient is getting optimal care and the nurse is not struggling to do his or her job adequately.The drain on nursing moral and physical exhaustion stems from being overworked and relied upon in an irrational manner.
Partaking in a formal strategy to encompass an ample nursing staff to facilitate the demands of patient in need of professional medical attention is the ultimate goal of many organizations and nursing clubs.
Staffing and Safety
The shortage that the nursing division faces can be because of the lack of people working in the field (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006). In likeness of the nursing shortage, sufficient care of patients have been on the decline, and the staff that is present incurs abysmal work environments
(Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006).Because of the substandard working conditions, nurse leave the work force thus creating shoddier work environments (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006).
Encouraging new nurses to join the task force in such array proves to be difficult as the effort to comply with the job’s demand is challenging with an insufficient number in staffing (Hassmiller

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