Corwin Corporation Essay

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CASE – 3 Corwin Corporation
By June 1983, Corwin Corporation had grown into a $150 million per year corporation with an international reputation for manufacturing low-cost, high-quality rubber components. Corwin maintained more than a dozen different product lines, all of which were sold as off-the-shelf items in department stores, hardware stores, and automotive parts distributors. The name Corwin was now synonymous with "quality." This provided management with the luxury of having products that maintained extremely long life cycles. Organizationally, Corwin had maintained the same structure for more than fifteen years (see Exhibit I). The top management of Corwin Corporation was highly conservative and believed in using a marketing
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This project, if undertaken, could disrupt parts of our organization. We're already operating lean in engineering." Delia: "Look, Gene! The bottom line is this: We have complete confidence in your manufacturing ability to such a point that we're willing to commit to a five-year production contract if the product can be developed. That makes it extremely profitable for you." Frimel: "You've just gotten me interested. What additional details can you give me?" Delia: "All I can give you is a rough set of performance specifications that we'd like to meet. Obviously, some trade-offs are possible." Frimel: Delia: "When can you get the specification sheet to me?" "You'll have it tomorrow morning. I'll ship it overnight express."

Frimel: "Good! I'll have my people look at it, but we won't be able to get you an answer until after the first of the year.

As you know, our plant is closed down for the last two weeks in December, and most of our people have already left for extended vacations." Delia: "That's not acceptable! My management wants a signed, sealed, and delivered contract by the end of this month. If this is not done, corporate will reduce our budget by $250,000, thinking that we've bitten off more than we can chew. Actually, I need your answer within

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