Crucible "Jealousy Can Destroy Lives" Essay

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October 26, 2012

Jealousy Can Destroy Lives First loves can be the best thing that the world has to offer. The feeling that you get when you see your special someone walk towards you. The fact that you remember everything little thing that he/she did for you that makes you feel like you are the happiest boy/girl in the whole world. Despite all of the good reasons that love brings, love can also be the most selfish and heartbreaking thing if the person who you love does not feel the same way. In the play, The
Crucible, Abigail fell in love with John Proctor. Elizabeth Proctor had been sick for a long time and Abigail was there for John when Elizabeth could not. Abigail knew that she could not have
John to herself because
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When she had confronted him about his love for her, he specifically announced that they should stop seeing each other. It was impossible for Abigail because she had already loved him so much. When he told her how he felt, Abigail wasn’t satisfied with his answer. Abigail also showed her weak side when she did every little thing to get him. She tried seducing John, by making him touch her in inappropriate places. Abigail also knew that one of her obstacles that were stopping her of getting to John was Elizabeth. Abigail tried framing her for things that she was innocent to get her hanged. At the end, Abigail knew that she could not have John, so she saved her embarrassment and left.
Compared to the real life and the play, there are many similarities and differences. The main message about “Jealousy can destroy lives” is that love is a powerful thing that two people share, but if anyone tries to jeopardize that then they will do anything until they get what they want. In real life, people get jealous all the time, but one thing that differs with the play is that in reality, people cannot go around framing people for things that they didn’t do. Another thing that is different is that there is a law against dating someone under age if you are in your
Almost everyone has experienced jealousy. Jealousy is a terrible feeling that you

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