Cyrano de Bergerac vs. Roxanne Essay

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Cyrano de Bergerac vs. Roxanne
Shahaan Farrukh

The play Cyrano de Bergerac and the modernized movie Roxanne draw many parallels with each other, a major one, of which, are the characters. Only four of the main characters are modernized into this movie, Le Bret into Dixie, Christian into Chris, Roxane into Roxanne, and most blatant, Cyrano and C.D. Bailes. These characters have equivalent traits but have differences that actually make some significant changes in the formula of the play.

Although Cyrano and C.D. Bailes have many similarities and have the nose to reflect their exuberant personality, Bailes is not true at heart the Cyrano that we know in the play. Throughout the play it is evident that pride is very important to
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In the play Cyrano was genuinely concerned with Roxane's wellbeing and happiness, so he helped them with their marriage which is a much bigger commitment than what Chris and Roxanne were up to.

The biggest change in the cast of Roxanne when compared to the characters in the play was the exclusion of a very important character, de Guiche. de Guiche being the comic villain had a prominent role in the play. The movie feels much more lighthearted due to his absence. The movie actually reflects the story of the play if a character like de Guiche never got involved. There was no battle with a hundred men, no jealousy over Roxanne that leads to anything parallel in the play where Roxane forces marriage with Christian who then is separated and sent to war, which is also his death, and ultimately the passing of Cyrano de Bergerac. Nothing close to that degree of malice occurred in the movie.

Christian was more honorable than Chris. Christian would not choose another girl over Roxane, but in the movie Chris chooses Sandy instead of Roxanne. Also unlike Chris, he actually willingly risked the chance of losing Roxane to find out if she actually loved Cyrano. Sadly, he died shortly after, and the truth was never confessed to Roxane until 15 years after, but since this is a modernization, Chris ditching Roxanne for Sandy would seem like a more reasonable way for Roxanne to lose someone than dying in battle.

In conclusion, the characters of the play and movie were

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