Destination Analysis Essay

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Destination Analysis
Tina Boram
Dr. Poisson
HTM 100

Destination Analysis
This analysis will show why people travel to a certain destination and the impact that infrastructure, hotels, restaurants, and amenities have on vacationers. We will cover the island of Barbados. I will explain what amenities and attractions are offered and the infrastructure that the country is currently using and what is needed to improve, advance, and boost tourism. I will also examine hotels, amount of rooms, restaurants, and new development. I will conclude by going over new developments that the country needs in order to prepare for future tourism.
Barbados is an island that sits between the North Atlantic Ocean and
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They have a strong telecommunications system and telephones, cellular phones, and the internet are easily accessible. The government is continuously investing in the roads, highways, airport, port, sewerage system, and communications system. This is working for the current demand and they may have room to add a few more tourists. However, if this destination is marketed in the right manner, they will have a great deal more guests to the island. In preparing for that, they may need to pave the rest of their roads, add another port and airport, and increase energy production and communications for future tourism demand. Most vacationers take their cell phones and computers with them. With the addition of IPods, Kindles, and handheld gaming consoles more internet lines will be utilized and more electricity will be used to charge the devices. This may put a strain on the current energy being produced. Barbados is set for tourist season with over 100 hotels, resorts, guest houses, and luxury villas. They show 23 romantic hideaways, 44 golf holidays, 53 luxury resorts, 17 deluxe apartments, and 20 private villas. In choosing a place to stay, the traveler can decide what best suits their needs. They have romantic, all inclusive, family, local charm, luxury, cheap, apartments, or villas. The island has well over 3000 rooms ranging from the Round House Inn with 4 rooms to the Hilton Barbados

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