Developing a Personal Code of Ethics for Information Technology

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By Cesar De La Cruz
April 20th 20013
IT3165 – Ethics for the IT Professional

The problem to be investigated is the ethical use of Information Technology (IT) in today’s world. In the past, the information technology advancements had limited impact on societies and cultures. However, in today’s world, information technology is almost part of every business, educational institute, and even personal activity (Brooks, 2010). This paper presents the power of information technology field and whether developing a code of ethics would be worthwhile to focus on the challenges in the usage of information technology.

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While computers have a negative light, that surrounds them. Brooks (2008) wrote that with computers and networks being so ubiquitous and open in today’s work environment the amount of humans who might perform inappropriate acts with them has grown. Here we have an example of a societal ethical change (the addition of alternatives to a society) that was not negative and Information Technology influences it. The second topic is the ethical usage of Information Technology. To examine this topic one must understand some dilemmas that are common to the field of Information Technology. Brooks (2010) says that having unclear ethical policies is a common dilemma; furthermore, when policies are unclear ethical decisions are eligible for interpretation. Brooks (2010) says that level of ethical judgment will fluctuate from individual to individual. The question we must ask is how we can develop a common agreed upon interpretation of ethics as it relates to Information Technology. I think a proactive approach is need and the optimal time to implement the proactive approach is at the elementary education levels. Brooks (2010) says that educating children while they are still young on topics such as good morals and ethics is the optimal time to begin. Nevertheless, if young adults are to be educated we must develop a common agreed upon code of ethics. Brooks (2010) points out data that from a 2008 survey, which says that 30 percent of young adults confessed that they stole from

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