Difference of Othello's Behaviour in Act One and Act Two Essay

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English Literature - Othello
How is Othello’s behaviour in Act Two different from his behaviour in Act One? How do you account for this change? What consequences do you think it will have?

In Act One, Othello appeared to be in control of his emotions. When Brabantio confronts Othello, accusing him of stealing and raping his daughter Desdemona by means of witchcraft, Othello is calm and tells his men to stop the fighting. Although he is being accused of kidnapping and raping Desdemona, in which the person who commits the crime would be burnt to death, Othello shows that he is unafraid of danger, ready to risk everything for the woman he loves, and is able to command others despite facing the serious accusation. He is ready to face
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This tells us that Othello is clearly distracted by his wife, preventing him from performing his duties, as observed by his lieutenant and ancient. In Act Two Scene Three, Othello admits he is not acting rationally and not performing his best. He says, “Now by heaven, my blood begins my safer guides to rule, and passion, having my best judgment collied, assays to lead the way.” This tells us that Othello himself is conscious of what he is doing. He admits to acting irrationally, following his passion to rule. This shows that he is distracted by Desdemona, because only their love and marriage would lead to Othello’s overflow of passion. This may also show that Othello follows his heart, will and passion to act and rule. When Othello finds Cassio and Montano fighting, he asks Iago what has happened without confirming with others. He does not investigate thoroughly, as Iago has hidden some of the truth. He immediately takes Cassio off his office. This can be considered as an impulsive judgment.

His change of behaviour in Act Two is due to the distraction from his wife Desdemona. Because of his newly-wedded wife presence, Othello is distracted and unable to perform his duties. He is led by his passion, which is affecting him because of his sexual interest in Desdemona and his joy to be reunited with her after the rough journey on the sea. Being away from Venice may also account for his change of behaviour. Since Othello remains below the Duke and

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