Divorce : A Common Idea Essay

2012 Words Dec 10th, 2015 9 Pages
In our culture today, divorce seems to be a common idea among partners with failed marriages. These numbers are growing more and more each day as it seems easier to legally terminate a marriage than to emotionally fix one. The root of this problem comes from the fact that in the new generations, many people do not seem to abide by the rules that God has put in place for couples to follow. Many base finding their “true love” on outward appearance or even materialistic objects. The fact that they search for the perfect husband with a certain style and a certain income is where the mistake begins. Thinking that person is the ultimate partner just because they are physically appealing initiates the wrong mentality in terms of a long term relationship. Research depicts that men and women who have courted for an average time of two years and four months benefit from greater marital success. The reason for that is simply the fact that time allows for deeper understanding. Getting to know one’s partner takes patience and time but most importantly commitment. The role of marriage as seen in God’s eyes should never be taken lightly. He created marriage to reflect the love God had for His Son as a husband should have for his wife. The journal Marriage in the Cosmic Plan of God takes it back to Adam and how God did not design divorce as Adam and Eve stayed together, even after blaming each other back and forth for taking the forbidden fruit and disobeying God. Divorce…

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