Divorce : A Cultural And Social Norm Essay

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In the 21st century, divorce has become an increasingly common issue among families. Years ago, the nuclear family was once considered to be the cultural and social norm in society; however, in today’s modern society, it is almost as common to hail from a divorced family as it is to come from a nuclear one. Yet, it should be noted that only 42% of marriages end in divorces (www.relate.org.uk, 2016). It is also evidently clear that single parent families are on the rise when considering the statistics; the results showed that 120,000 families with children divorced in 2013. The families used in these statistics were either married couples or cohabiting (www.relate.org.uk, 2016). According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), between 2003 and 2012 there were 1,298,525 divorces whilst the total number of marriages between 2003 and 2012 were 2,489,222 (Ons.gov.uk, 2016). In 2012, there was an increase rate of 0.5% in regards to divorces compared to the rate of divorces in 2011 (Ons.gov.uk, 2014), although, in 2013 there was a 2.9% decrease in divorce compared to 2012 (Ons.gov.uk, 2013).
Nevertheless, The Office for National Statistics has estimated that the 42% of marriages in England and Wales will eventually result in a separation (Ons.gov.uk, 2016). Although, upon examination, this does not seem like a high percentage, it still does demonstrate that almost half of marriages are more likely to end in a divorce, when that was not the case many years ago. Statistics…

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