Essay on Divorce and Children

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Pickhardt (2006) defined divorce as the process in which two individuals decided to legally separate all aspect of their lives (legal, social, physical, and emotional) to develop their own individual lives. In today’s society, divorce is becoming an increasing epidemic of married couples with or without children. Such divorces that involve kids become increasingly difficult due to the stability of the children involved. Many children feel a sense of guilt when he or she learns that their parents are getting a divorce. Children often take the blame and feel as if he or she was the cause of their parents’ problems and the reason for divorce.
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He or she will turn to anger to express his or her emotion and can look to piers for guidance whereas previously looked to his or her parents. This can definitely cause the parents to struggle in discipline because the children are being so rebellious and angry (Pickhardt 2006). Such rebellion can result in children committing crimes, sneaking out of the house, skipping school, becoming sexually active to seek attention from another, and to experiment and possibly become addicted to drugs (Lansky 2003). The risk of child/teen pregnancy also increases due to these children looking for “love in all the wrong places” and the feeling of need and importance. If a pregnancy arises, the mindset of the child is usual in that of neglecting attention from the divorcing parent and the child feels that this could be a way or she can gain such attention. Parents often think it is all right to confide in his or her children about what is going on because he or she is at the age to be able to understand. This can cause an adolescent to think that he or she must pick a side within the divorce. This is very damaging among the relationship with the other parent because it can distort the views that he or she has for this parent. Adolescents can often feel that he or she needs to become the support system for the other parent and he or she feels the need to

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