Essay on Divorce As A Fault Divorce

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Divorce was once an unheard of occurrence. People did not believe in it and kept their word of their vowels, “Till death do us part.” In earlier years, divorces were extremely regulated with strict laws. Majority of the time, spouses could only file for a divorce under certain circumstances such as if adultery was committed, if it was an abusive relationship, or if there was infidelity. But even then, there still had to be evidence to back up any accusations for the significant other to be proven guilty. This type of divorce is considered a fault divorce. Eventually, laws changed and no-fault divorces came a long. A no-fault divorce meant that married couples did not necessarily need any reason for filling for a divorce. Simply being unhappy was a perfect reason for a divorce. In the old days, the divorce rate was well under 5%, which means that hardly anyone was separating (History). Today, the rate of divorce is at a ridiculously high of 50% meaning that half of every marriage is ending in divorce (History). Most of these are also no-fault divorces. I fully disagree with divorce and believe is should end because so many problems arise from it.
One of the first problems to arise from a divorce is the stress that impacts the individual. There is so much paper work whenever a divorce is filed, meetings with lawyers, minimum sleep, and then you have to work and take care of your kids. After it is all said and done, you barely have time to do anything for yourself. Not to…

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