Divorce Has A Bigger Effect On The Kids Essay

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Divorce Speaking from a personal experience, divorce has a bigger effect on the kids. When my parents got divorced it shattered my childhood. Not only did it shatter my child hood it had an effect on the rest of my life. The way I grew up compared to how kids whose parents were still together grew up was completely different. Now that I am older and I understand more, I kind of resent my parents for getting divorced, but I hate my dad for what he has done. Especially for ruining my outlook on love. As I began to get older I noticed that I was not like the kids whose parents were still together. In some ways I was better and in some ways I worse. No matter what age the child is divorce always has some sort of effect on the child. I have been affected by a lot. I am very independent, I have trust issues, anger issues and commitment issues. I thought I would grow out of these issues but I am an adult now and I still battle these things every single day and I probably will for the rest of my life. When I was about nine, my dad took me to meet his girlfriend. That is when I started to realize my mom and dad were falling apart. I wanted to tell my mom but my dad threatened to kill my dog if I said anything. When I finally got enough nerve to tell my mom she was battling cancer and I knew that she needed my dad for support. So I kept my mouth shut longer. When she started to recover I told her. And her reply was “I know.” So all this time my mom knew my dad was a lying…

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