Divorce Is A Form Of Legal And Emotional Action Essay

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Divorce is a form of legal and emotional action that disbands a relationship that is incorporated towards marriage. Divorce is usually viewed stereotypical as a hostile disagreement equating into a feud between two or more people, depending on how connected the marriage was with others. In the media, the stereotype is greatly influenced by television, newspaper clippings, and our daily literature. However, media tends to not look at the surroundings of such a life changing choice such as divorce. Children actually suffer through divorce at such extraordinary measures of psychology, contemplating stress into numerous of stages. Studies can actually show that children suffer psychological and emotional abuse from divorce in general. “The Separation” is a prime example of this, the story features an older man divorcing his wife but he plans to tell this to his children who are all away on certain activities. Because of psychological studies and literature of the subject prior towards divorce, it is obvious conclusive that divorce in subject can not only hurt the child but also damage psychological and also emotional. Awareness for this issue in families have been shown multiple of times in some academic essays, that being said when I had discovered and read “The Effects of Divorce on Children” by Patrick F. Fagan and Aaron Churchill, I was immediately astonish on how much the effects actually taken place towards the children in general. Fagan and Churchill states that “For…

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