Divorce Is A Good Idea Essay

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The family with a mother that stays home to take care of the kids and a father that goes to work every day is almost non-existent. Today’s women are holding jobs rather than staying home, and now the father goes to work but doesn’t live there anymore. The father now has his own place to go home to and perhaps a different wife. Divorce has become almost inevitable in today’s marriages. People are no longer staying together and there is a major increase in single parents. Despite these facts, divorce is necessary in today’s society.
Today when people enter into marriages, they have the option of divorcee in the back of their minds. This is seemingly a bad thought because it means that people have more of chance of getting divorced if they are anticipating it. This may also be a good idea because of some unexpected things that may arise within the marriage. An example of this would be the simple fact that people change. An argument to this reason would be that sometimes people are unhappy, but in the interest of the entire family there should be a grin and bare it attitude. Coming from a family in which my mother has been divorced three times and a father that has been divorced once, I have very extensive experience with this thought. I have seen two people marry my mother change the minute the honeymoon is over. These were great guys when they were dating my mother. They treated her with respect and treated us great, but almost immediately after they got married they turned…

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