Essay on Divorce Is A More And More Common

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In our society divorce is becoming a more and more common, it is the result of more than fifty percent of marriages. Married couples are getting divorced due to many different reasons whether it be because a spouse having an affair, loss of romantic feelings or loss of interest, illnesses, and many others. So many different things can result from a divorce such as anger, depression, anxiety, and in some cases even suicide. It can affects almost everyone in their lives but the ones that it is the most devastating for are the children. Many of these divorces have children stuck in the middle of everything and don’t know how to deal with the situation. They are made to choose aside no matter how much they do not want to and overnight one parent becomes a visitor. One thing that parents often fail realize is that their children’s entire lives revolve around them, so to get the news of a divorce can be very overwhelming. Their entire lives are being ripped apart and they are not even sure why. However every child handles this in a different way and eventually they overcome it learning to deal with the situation but this can and will affects them. It all depends, on how they handle it and how their parents help them along the way, if the outcome will be a negative or positive one.
With the number of divorces being so high it is fairly common to have friends or family who has been through or is going through the process. So with that being said it should not be uncommon for a…

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