Divorce Is Becoming A Worldwide Phenomenon Essay

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Divorce is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, significantly affecting children’s well being. It radically changes their future causing detrimental effects. According to (Julio Cáceres-Delpiano and Eugenio Giolito, 2008) nearly 50% of marriages end with divorce. 90% of children who lived in the USA in the 1960s stayed with their own biological parents, whereas today it makes up only 40% (Hetherington, E. Mavis, and Margaret Stanley-Hagan, 1999). Many children after separation of parents are exposed to a number of changes in the future. They have to be getting used to a further living area, feelings and circumstances. Their response to divorce can vary and depends on age, gender and personal characteristics. This essay will show the effects of divorce on children under various aspects such as educational, psychological and social impact. In addition, it will contain data about the divorce rate in the US and present disparate reactions of children. It will also include adequate recommendations for parents as to how act to children after divorce, in order to minimize
During the 1960s and 1980s in the USA, there were significant modifications in divorce legislation, which has been named as “Divorce Revolution” (Julio Cáceres-Delpiano and Eugenio Giolito, 2008). The main change of that law, which has contributed to immense variations, was that one spouse had the right to ask for a divorce without the agreement of the other spouse. It was called as “Unilateral divorce”. Another…

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