Essay on Divorce Through The Ages : Working Hard Toward A Marriage

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Divorce Through the Ages

Working hard towards a marriage is a challenge and continues to grow throughout the years. What could potentially break a relationship? It comes in a wide variety of reasons, from becoming bored of your relationship to possibly money issues. As the decades go by, trends of divorce continue to grow from the complexity of the lives of busy people. From the early and mid 1900’s to present, divorce rate drastically rises throughout the decades with many different issues faced by life style changes. What used to cause divorce between then to now?
The 1920’s, grounds for divorce were hard to come by. A woman could not ask for divorce even if the husband had been continuously cheating. One case that had occurred in New York, a woman pleaded for a divorce when her husband had acted with sodomy; not enough ground for divorce. Another case similar to the other, a military man had admitted to his wife of sleeping with many French women. The court had rejected the wives plea due to “nothing more than that the defendant is undisciplined and disobedient.” (Patriarchy or Equality)
In the 1960’s, a woman who had a college education along with a marriage was considered very successful at a young age. Studies show that men and women married much earlier in life after the depression and during times of war. Though divorce was not common due to values and beliefs that still had a strong foot- hold in a marriage compared to now. For every thousand men and women, between…

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