Education : Navigating Through Social Classes Essay

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Education: Navigating Through Social Classes In America, social class can be associated in many ways. Hard work has to be given to obtain the prize. For instance, my father mobilized his way through the social classes of beginning in the lower working class working in the fields. Realizing that he wanted to make a better life for himself, he has increased his social class to being in the upper middle class now by attending college. For my father, the alterations he decided to make at the beginning of his life that then affected his life now were determined by his family size and aspirations to own material things. Though his type of dedication and effort to reach a higher point in life is not known to everyone, it can be fulfilled with hard work. And my dad did just that to make sure his social class status increased for the better. I believe that although our economic system now in America makes it difficult for Americans to mobilize between classes, it is still possible. When the numerous social classes are recognized, Americans tend to oversee the disparity that comes with them. The main social classes are known as the upper, middle and lower social classes. Over time, they have been extended in between the original social classes, along with the economy and are now known as, upper middle, lower middle and upper working lower class. “America, then, is not simply the land of political liberty. It has always been an economic paradise for the middle class-at least…

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