Essay about Educational Travel For Elderly Adults

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According to, a hostel is a budget friendly accommodation. Usually, the guests can rent a bed, which is often times found in dormitories. The rooms are typically shared. However, private rooms may also be available. The guests will share bathrooms, lounges, and sometimes even a kitchen.
Elderhostel is a not for profit educational travel organization for elderly adults that has been around since 1975. The program is for elderly folks that are age 55 years old and older. The programs range from one day to several weeks in length. The elderly travelers are provided with comfortable accommodations. Accommodations include, delicious meals, lectures, field trips, excursions, program related activities and also gratuities. Elderhostel offer traditional programs which are based on the Elderhostel earliest adventures. Elderhostel offers the opportunity for older adults to travel to other states or countries. Furthermore, the individuals can travel aboard ships and sailing vessels. Some of the programs even focus on exploring North America. These programs focus on study themes. Some of the study themes include, American landscapes, American heritage, and cultural arts. Furthermore, national parks, houses and gardens, food and wine and signature cities are a few more studies of the program.
Road Scholar is a not for profit educational travel organization for adults of all ages. They offer 5,000 educational tours. These tours occur in all 50…

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