Effect Of Divorce On Adolescents Essay

1137 Words Dec 8th, 2015 5 Pages
Every person in this world is different and will react differently to situations that happen in their life. According to the American Psychological Association (Marriage and Divorce, 2015) about 40 to 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce in the United States, which will impact the lives of many adolescents. Some may say that adolescents are coping with a divorce positively, but these adolescents may appear to be fine when on the inside they are fighting many struggles. In order to conclude the validity of the effects of divorce on adolescents, I conducted an interview with Ashley S., a high school junior, who has many friends whose parents went through a divorce during the years of their friendship. “One day she was outgoing and chatting to everyone she knew. The next day after her parents informed her of the divorce she started to stay to herself.” This is the statement that started our conversation of divorce. Although her parents are not divorced, she believes her friends went through many difficulties during the first few months of the divorce. Another one of her friends experienced emotional struggles with the acceptance of her parents’ divorce. “She never wanted to talk about it to anyone and I think she was mad at her Dad for the longest time.” Ashley said the transition to a different lifestyle is another factor that explained her friends’ different personalities. I also asked her how her friends were doing now after the divorce and she explained that they are…

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