Essay on Effect Of Divorce On Children

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The Effect of Divorce on Children

The beginning years of a child 's life are likely to be the most important when it comes to determining their future. Children rely on repetitive notions throughout their childhood to get through a normal day. They will learn when it is time to go to school and when it is time to eat breakfast or dinner because they go through those things on a daily basis. It has been proven that children learn best through repetition. When something is taken out of a child’s routine or a major change is made to a their life, it will affect them drastically. They will be forced to learn a whole new way of life. The major effects of divorce on a child are the fear of abandonment, constant self blame, and anger towards others.

The main fear that children of all ages experience during their parents’ divorce is the fear of abandonment. When one parent moves out of the house the child is likely to fear that it is because they are no longer wanted. This could lead to the fear of the other parent eventually leaving as well. A younger child (toddler to elementary age) does not have the mental capacity to understand what is happening between their parents and is more likely to feel abandoned. As a child gets older, they are more capable of fully understanding the reasoning behind their parents’ divorce and are less likely to convince themselves that they specifically are being left. I myself, have not experienced this transition, but I have witnessed it…

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