Effect Of Divorce On Children Essay

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Effect of Divorce on Children

Divorce is the lawful termination of marriage by the court or rather any competent body that has the authority of determining whether the marriage can come to an end. This means that the bonds of matrimony that was between the husband and the wife under the rule of law of the specific country or rather the state will be dissolved. There are many reasons that result in divorces such as: adultery, domestic violence, a midlife crisis, being a workaholic and addictions to alcohol and gambling. Apart from this, there are other minor factors that can result in divorces such as wages, sex ratios, income, the age of which one gets married and many other factors. When there is a break up in marriages, there are laws that help ensure that legal solutions are provided, especially for the issues that couples are unable to solve through a mutual agreement. This parting results in new relationships between the divorced parents and can have several different effects on the children involved in the divorce process. These effects may be positive or negative and can include: parental relationship issues, adaptation challenges, psychological problems, academic struggles, behavioral changes, or new bonds with new people, such as a step-parent. All children will react differently to their mother and father getting divorced. This could be based on the personality of the child or even the sex of the child. The way a female child reacts towards divorce…

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