Ethics Is Not Just Based On Discussion Essays

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Introduction Bioethics is not just based on discussion. It takes place in the media, in the academy, in classrooms, and in labs, offices, and hospital wards. It involves not just doctors, but patients, not just scientists and politicians but the general public. When I think of ethics, I think of what is basically right and what is basically wrong. What I have come to learn through this course is that it really is so much more. Many moral ideas and ethical concepts are not in black and white, and ethical and moral dilemmas do not necessarily have such simple solutions. And, the discussion of ethics is not new; ethics has been contemplated by great men (and women) young and old, ancient and modern. Some common circumstances where ethics can be applied are abortion, death penalties, discrimination, killing animals for food, and recycling, just to name a few. The conversation is often sparked by new developments, like the possibility of cloning. But bioethics also raises new questions about old issues, like the use of placebos and the treatment of pain. The content of this paper is laid out in three main sections: analytical skills building, knowledge acquisition, and practical application. Analytical skills building will summarize the many skills that I was able to fine-tune and sharpen throughout this course. Knowledge acquisition will demonstrate the knowledge I acquired through displaying my own personal work, as well as containing what I learned from each section.…

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