Essay on Ethics Of Human Cloning By Leon Kass

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In “Wisdom of Repugnance” in his book “Ethics of Human Cloning” Leon Kass blames the willingness of people to entertain and use alternative forms of human reproduction on the media and being “softened up” Kass contends that it is procedure like test tube babies, surrogacy and invitro-fertilization that has opened the door to the possibility of cloning. He believes that these changes threaten to change the connections within the family dynamic because cloning allows the people to reproduce outside of the typical male-female relationship. The ability to clone will change the meaning of what a family is. According to Kass that would “undermine the justification and support that biological parenthood gives to a monogamous marriage” In this paper I will lay out Kass’s main arguments against cloning and rebut him using the points that Immaculada De Melo-Martin uses in her work “On Cloning Human Beings”.
Kass’s main arguments against cloning are the following (1) It goes against the natural rules of reproduction. In fact, Kass finds the the idea of cloning to be an affront to morality. This is seen in his belief that “the programmed reproduction of man will, in fact, dehumanize him” (2) the cloned child would not have its own individuality (3) cloning affects the family relationship dynamic, Kass uses Bioethicist James Nelson’s contention that a female clone might desire and seek out a relationship with her “father” who would in fact be her grandfather and that this confusion of…

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