Essay about Ethics of Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology is actually a fairly new idea. This may not seem like any big deal in terms of ethics, but just like any type of scientific advancement there are positives and negatives. Of course the ethical issues don't stem out of just the fact that this is a new kind of science. It branches off of "what will this new scientific technology be used for?" For example, Embryonic Stem Cell research. It's not the research that's bad it's how they get the cells. There are half a dozen, maybe more, different places to get the same type of cells without taking the life of that unborn child. The term, Nanotechnology, was first introduced back in the mid 1970's by a Japanese researcher named Norio Taniguchi to mean
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It's when scientists start playing around with people's genes that bothers me. Just like with cloning, we come very close to playing God and "making" people or animals that look a certain way or even act a certain way. No if we could make people so that they were all Christians no that would be something. All joking aside, when these scientists start changing DNA patterns in whatever they are trying to create the seem to be less than what they ought to be. Take for instance a human, with enough messing around they could make a human being that in a sense a clone with out actually using any DNA from an individual. They would send in these little robots to move things around and boom you've got another George Bush or Michael Jordan. Granted if the child didn't grow up in exactly the same environment or live the same exact life George Bush #2 might be a computer programmer for Microsoft when he grows up, and Michael Jordan #2 could be a Death Metal Drummer for all we know. Some scientists even believe that by using these little robots to move cells and DNA around they could at some point be able to attain immortality. But as we see in Romans 5:12 death came into the world because of the sin of Adam. So as long as there is sin in the world there will be death, whether it's caused by illness, car accidents, murders or whatever else humans can think up to kill each other. According to

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