Evaluating A Genetically Outstanding Cow Essay

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In Vitro Fertilization has helped millions of producers produce their ideal calf or close to that ideal calf. Whether chosen for phenotype, genotype, EPDs, or show ring appeal, IVF hasn’t been far from the picture. Before having a flush performed the producer should know the facts, and about the steps for ET and have a donor and sire chosen to use on that donor. Selecting a genetically outstanding cow is something that is always looked at. Other things that are perceived are show ring appeal, performance records (EPDs) or both. When a donor is to be flushed she is superovulated. When she is superovulated she produced several more viable oocytes that will turn into an embryo. When the donor is being flushed during a conventional flush she is artificially inseminated every 6 hours to improve the chances of sperm reaching the oocytes. During an IVF oocytes are mixed with sperm in a petri dish. When oocytes (IVF) or embryo 's (Conventional) are collected they use a follicular aspirator which is like a small rubber catheter. After embryos are collected they are either directly transferred or frozen to be thawed and used later. The cost of a flush variates a lot because there are many different options and packages that come with it. Depending on who you deal with, some technicians have boarding and housing for the donors and others just come out the the farm where the donor lives to do the flush. The minimum recorded for a flush is 250 dollars. This price does not include…

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