Facebook 's Effect On Social Behavior Essay

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Facebook has being a popular social media network used by many people to communicate and interact with others openly over the internet. Although this communication network was created to allow people to search and communicate effective with others, unfortunately over the years it has had a reverse effect which has affected changes to social behaviors and physiological developments. Facebook is accessible by all types of online users. Users have the ability to frequently post comments, pictures, videos, and outings of their social life or of others, which they engage in constant receipt of feedbacks (Nesi, Prinstein pg 1428). The constant checking and posting reflect symptoms of narcissistic tendencies. However, following from a Forbes article, low self-esteem and jealousy have played a negative impact on some people due to comments being posted, which has resulted to anti-social behaviors (Alice G Walton). Facebook has been misused by people where bullying has become a major problem which has resulted to suicides. As more time is spent online, this has reduce the need for face to face interactions; as well as lack of sleep reduces one’s focus and priorities. Privacy has been a major concern with Facebook, as many unauthorized users are able to access other users’ data.
Social media sites such as Facebook have encouraged people to develop narcissistic tendencies. People who are constantly logged on and finding the need to frequently post shows signs of narcissism. Their…

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