Factors That Affect Residents And Employees During Long Term Care

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There are many factors that affect residents and employees in long-term care. Let’s start by looking at a factor that greatly affects the resident. Loss of appetite and weight is a common occurrence in residents of long-term care facilities. As a matter of fact, one-fourth of residents can suffer from extreme malnutrition at the time of admission or during their time in a long-term care facility. Residents can also suffer from anemia at the time of admission and during the time in the long- term care. These are two nutritional factors that can affect residents. In some cases, loss of appetite can be helped by simply making sure good dental and denture care is done before meals. If more action needs to be done then supplements, such as high calorie protein shakes, may be ordered by the physician to help the resident get the nutrients needed, as well as, prescribed medications to help increase appetite (Cooper 5). Nutritional factors can be overcome with the proper communication and execution of care. The most important factor that affects residents in long-term care is neglect. M. Ben Natan, A. Lowenstein, and Z. Eisikovits conducted a study of 22 nursing homes in Israel by sending out 600 questionnaires to be completed by the staff of long-term care facilities. The researchers also sent 24 questionnaires to the administrators of the facilities. Out of the 600 questionnaires sent out, only 85 percent was completed by the staff. However, 91.6 percent of the…

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