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Fashion Designer

People need clothes. That is just a basic fact. Fashion designers are the ones that design the clothes that people wear. Designing can be a long process. A design has to be done for an item, pick out the right fabrics and colors, and one may need to put together a sample product to see what it would be like. Without fashion designers, we would not really have clothes to wear. Being a fashion designer is important because they learn to make and design clothes so people can have something to wear. Even though clothes have been around for a very long time, fashion designers have not. Fashion design comes from as far back as 1862. The first fashion designer was Charles Frederick Worth. Before him, clothes were made by anonymous people. Style came from royalty. Worth was the first clothes maker to not follow customers’ demands and to say what others should wear. Fashion houses would hire artists to come up with patterns for clothes that would be shown to clients. Clients would place an order if they liked the product. Beginning in the 20th century, fashion started in Paris, which became known as the fashion capital. It then spread to the rest of the world. The mid-20th century was when clothes started to be mass produced. There are many people who are fashion designers. In 2012, there were 22,300 employed fashion designers in the United States. This is expected to decline between 2012 and 2022. The rate of decline is expected to be 3%, which is about 700…

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